Solar System Exploration

Zooming through the universe faster than the speed of light, exploring the Milky Way galaxy and our solar system, these 10 students narrowly escape comets, meteors, and all the outer-space dangers. 

Barely escaping with their lives on many occasions, hear what other perils these kids face.


Washed Ashore

CRASH! BANG! BOOM! This storm’s waves battered this tiny 100′ sailboat repeatedly! While cruising the Pacific Ocean on a pleasure trip, Michael ordered all of his eleventh-grade class shipmates to abandon ship. Forced to jump into this turbulent water of death, these eight friends have to rely on their survival skills. Will all these juveniles survive? This 6″ X 9,” 57 page (educational) novella is for ages 8 and up. 


Father of his Country

Written in poetic verse, Historical-Rhetorical is a children’s history book series. In this audiobook, learn how George Washington became one of America’s most patriotic citizens, beginning with his birth. You’ll also learn about how he grew up on Ferry Farm, how he led his militia though the French & Indian War, about his involvement in politics, how he was appointed General of the Continental Army – commanding his troops through the American Revolutionary War, how he was unanimously elected first President of the United States, and finally about his much deserved retirement. Fun listening for all ages.


George Washington

Claymates Presents George Washington is an 8″ x 11″ book for all ages. These 8 clay playmates read the biography of this great leader from his childhood, political career, French & Indian War, General of the Continental Army, first President of the United States, to his retirement from public life. This 135 page trivial book includes many types of quizzes.